10 Ways to Annoy Your Pickleball Partner

paddle drop.gif

10. Show up for your tournament match late and unprepared. 

9. Agree on a game plan and then completely disregard it once the points count.

8. Announce "I've been experimenting with some new technique this week".

7. Take balls that you clearly don't have a chance at hitting well.

6. Lose track of the score EVERY SINGLE POINT.

5. Say "I only missed that shot because I play better against better players".

4. Make the same mistake again and again and again...

3. Call balls out when you are 25 ft away and your partner is right on top of it. 

2. Announce half way through the match: "oh! She's left-handed!"

1. Tell your partner about everything they are doing wrong.

Mark RennesonComment