Crosscourt Is Key

Good decision-making is vital to effective pickleball play. Ask a top player why they hit the ball to one spot versus another and they will never say "I don't know, I just hit it". They choose their locations deliberately and with purpose.

When playing dinks and third shot drops, you will often see top players hit crosscourt (e.g. diagonally) for a very important reason -- they have a big target. When you hit a shot down the line (i.e. parallel to the sidelines), there are only 7ft between the net and the opponents' kitchen line. But when you hit crosscourt (i.e. diagonally from one side of the court to another), you have way more room. The distance from the middle of the net to the far corner of the kitchen (where the kitchen line meets the sideline) is a whopping 15.7ft. That means, you have a target that is more than 100% longer when you hit crosscourt!

Of course, if you hit the shot on too extreme and angle you risk the possibility of a very tough around-the-post shot from your opponents. But a moderate crosscourt will prevent this and is great way to play soft shots more consistently so your opponents can't swat them out of the air.