Green Valley and Quail Creek

Green Valley and Quail Creek

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Nov. 13-15, 2017. Quail Creek PB Club and Green Valley PB Club.

Mark Renneson is returning to Quail Creek and the GVR PB Club for three days of professional clinics and private lessons. Clinic descriptions are below.

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2017 Clinic Descriptions. Maximum 12 participants.

Handling Hard Hitters

If you are tired of losing to "bangers" then this clinic is for you! We will develop the strategies and techniques that are most useful against power players. You might not be able to stop your opponents from hitting hard, but after this clinic you'll have an easier time handling them. 

Two Sessions:

- Mon. Nov 13. 830am-11am. $50 (@Quail Creek). Level 3.0-4.0

- Tues. Nov 14. 230pm-5pm. $55 (GVR PB Club)

Advanced Drill Session

Train like the pros!  If you're a solid player and you want a great workout, join us for this fun and fast-paced drill session. Less instructional than our clinics, this session is all about hitting a tonne of balls in the most important situations (serve & return; third shots; dinking; volleys and smashes. Mon. Nov 13. 230pm-5pm. $50 (Quail Creek) Level 3.5+

Super Third Shots

What you do with the third shot has a major impact on how the point will unfold. This clinic is devoted to understanding the the strategies and techniques needed to be great at playing this critical moment of a point.

Tues. Nov 14. 830am-11am. $50 (@Quail Creek). Level 3.0-4.0

Dinking & the Soft Game

If you're tired of popping up balls at the net, this clinic is for you! We will develop the strategies and techniques needed to be a better soft game player from all over the court. Wed. Nov 15. 830am-11am. $50 (@Quail Creek) Level 3.0-4.0

Private Lessons

If you're looking for some serious personal attention, sign up for one of the limited number of private lessons. These lessons can be for you alone or up to 4 people and will be tailor-made to your needs. Whether you are a new player who wants to get off on the right foot, or a tournament player looking to excel, a 90-minute private lesson is a great way to go.

Mon. Nov 13. 11am-1230pm. (@Quail Creek)  

 Mon. Nov 13. 1230pm-2pm.  (@Quail Creek)

 Tues. Nov 14. 1130am-1pm. (@GVR PB Club)

 Tues. Nov 14. 1pm-230pm.  (@GVR PB Club)

 Wed. Nov 15. 11am-1230pm. (@Quail Creek)

Note: When you register for a private lesson you will initially be billed $0. We will then send you a follow-up email for the appropriate amount depending on the number of people you choose to be in your group..

Pricing Schedule (90-minutes):  1 person $99 // 2 people $132 // 3 people $150 // 4 people $160