Instructor Development Session - Punta Gorda

Instructor Development Session - Punta Gorda


Tuesday October 22, 2019

3 Hour Training Session for Current and Beginning Pickleball Instructors. More details below.

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While I enjoy coaching people who are looking to improve their pickleball playing, I especially enjoy working with those who are interested in teaching people to play better. Here is what we have coming up on Tuesday October 22.

Time: 6pm-9pm

Location: PicklePlex, Punta Gorda, FL

Cost: $50 Per Person. Limited spaces.


This session is dedicated to providing current and beginning instructors with the tools needed to run safe, fun and effective pickleball programs. This is a practical, learn-through-experience session that will help you to become even more confident and capable as an instructor.

We will spend time taking turns as both students and leaders, and I'll help you discover some of the simple but highly effective things you can do to keep your students motivated and coming back for more.

Main themes we'll address include:

- what makes a great drill?

- how to make your students want to practice

- how to easily adjust the degree of difficulty

- learning pickleball's 'most flexible game'

- keeping things on track

- what to do next? Transitioning from one activity to another

Other Things: All participants will be given a free digital copy of our book 20 Drills & 10 Games for Better Pickleball. This will be a valuable resource to draw on going into the future. All participants will be given a 30% discount ($30 value) for annual access to Pickleball Coaching International.

Who am I? You can see my bio here. What is likely more useful is to take a look at what people have said about our clinics. We invite people to review the sessions and always keep it anonymous and always publish the results (even the not-so-good ones). You can see them here.

Mark Renneson, Third Shot Sports