Instructor Lesson Guide (digital)

Instructor Lesson Guide (digital)


This e-book is designed for people who are teaching other people how to play pickleball. It is easy-to-follow and comes from the professional coaching staff at Third Shot Pickleball. In fact, these are the same lesson plans we use when we coach beginners! See more below... 



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This resource supports pickleball instructors with the following documents:

- 5 x 90-minute lesson plans. These are easy to modify if you have your players for just 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions. We've included them in small type and large, so it will be easy to have with you on the court. The lessons are systematic and clearly organized and even have video examples of drills!

- Handouts that you can give your players after the clinic is over. This includes many of the FAQs they will ask, so it will save you lots of time. Includes key rules, etiquette, paddle buying tips, as well as key tactics and techniques that you introduced in your lessons.

- A glossary of technical terms -- with video -- for you. This is one of the ways we make sure everything is exceptionally clear.

- An article called Coaching Traps and Solutions that is filled with some of the most common challenges coaches face -- and how to overcome them!

- An instructor evaluation form that you may share to get meaningful feedback from your players.

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Video examples show you how to do safe, fun and effective drills with your players.

Video examples show you how to do safe, fun and effective drills with your players.