Lake City, FL

Lake City, FL

from 25.00

Wed. February 20 and Thurs February 21, 2019

Venue 1 (Feb 20) - Richardson 6th Grade Academy 640 SE Pennsylvania St

Venue 2 (Feb 21) - Richardson Community Center 255 NE Coach Anders Lane

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Blocking, Defending and How to Beat Bangers

Tired of losing to hard-hitters? This session is focused on defeating power players. Learn the techniques and tactics needed to take on players who rely on the fast ball. Players should be at the 3.0 or 3.5 level. Limited to 12 participants.

Super Third Shots

How well you play your third shot can determine how the rest of the point unfolds. This clinic will focus on understanding different third shot options and developing the skills to be able to execute them more consistently and effectively. Players should be at the 3.0 or 3.5 level. Limited to 12 participants.

Intermediate Drills

A fun, fast-paced training session for enthusiastic picklebal players who want to improve their game. This clinic will involve drills, games and activities that will help you develop your skills in the following areas; hitting serves and returns to gain an advantage; using your third shot to cause trouble or avoid it; improving volley skills especially against hard-hitters; developing a solid soft game. Players should be at the 3.0 or 3.5 level. Limited to 12 participants.

Private Lessons

Looking for that little something extra? We have a limited number of private sessions that are available for 1-4 people. Each session is 90-minutes long and is suited to exactly what you need to elevate your game. The person who signs up for this is responsible for deciding who else will join them. $180 (cost may be shared between participants). Please be sure to only select a ‘quantity of 1’ when registering.

Audit Pass 

Injured? Clinics all sold out? Join in on the fun without hitting a ball! The audit pass gives you access to all of the group sessions for one low price. Sit in on as many group sessions you like, ask questions and even receive all of our follow-up materials. $25 (permits access to all group sessions but not private lessons).