Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park, TX

from 35.00

Wed. March 11 and Thurs. March 12, 2020

***note: USAPA Mid-South Regional tournament runs March 12-15

Cedar Park Recreation Center, 1435 Main St, Cedar Park TX 78613

Third Shot Pickleball coach Mark Renneson returns to Cedar Park, TX to offer 2 days of group pickleball clinics and training. These sessions are fun, fast-paced and highly practical. And they sell out fast!

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High-quality pickleball requires that players have a good understanding of when and how they can go on offence. This session is focused on the technical, tactical and decision-maiking skills needed to be able to put your opponents in trouble. Areas of focus will include using the serve and the return to gain an edge, hitting challenging third shots, as well as finishing strong up at the net. Note: while this session is devoted to offensive pickleball play, that does not mean it is all about hitting hard. This session will also examine the many ways that slow balls can be effective offensive tools. Players should be at the 3.0/3.5 level. Limited to 12 participants. $110


It is important for teams to learn how withstand the pressure when their opponents are coming at them. This session is devoted to developing and applying the skills and strategies needed to ‘weather the storm’ and to get out of trouble when the other team is on offence. Topics will include how to neutralize opponents against fast balls at the net, how to pop up fewer balls at the NVZ, and how to reset the point when in trouble. Players should be at the 3.0/3.5 level. Limited to 12 participants. $110


Train like the pros! If you're an advanced player and you want a great workout, join us for this fun and fast-paced drill session. Less instructional than our clinics, this session is all about hitting a tonne of balls in the most important situations: serve & return; third shots; dinking; volleys and smashes. This will be a fun — and tiring — drill session. Players should be at the 4.0/4.5 level. Limited to 12 participants. $68


Train like the pros! This is a fast-paced training session for intermediate (3.0/3.5)players. Participants will be put through a wide range of cooperative and competitive drills that will be both challenging and fun. Areas of work will include using the serve and return to gain an advantage, volleying skillfully, defending with drops, high-quality dinking and more!. Players should be at the 3.0/3.5 level. Limited to 12 participants. $68


Injured? Clinics all sold out? Join in on the fun without hitting a ball! The audit pass gives you access to group sessions so you can still watch, ask questions and learn. You’ll even receive all of our follow-up materials! $35 per day or 2 days for $60