Mini Clinics @ 3rd Shot's a Charm

Mini Clinics @ 3rd Shot's a Charm


Join us for a fun and fast-paced mini-clinic. 90 minutes of on-court action that is focused and highly practical. Mark will run you through the paces and help you play better!

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Clinic Descriptions

Beat Those Bangers! If you are tired of losing to hard-hitters, this clinic is for you! We'll practice using different strategies to  neutralize the power player.

Charming Intermediate Drills. A fun and fast-paced session that will have you training like the pros! Drills will include volleys, serves and returns, dinking, third shots and more! Guaranteed to get your heart-rate up and have you hit a tonne of balls!

Super Third Shots. How you play your third shot will influence how the rest of the point unfolds. This mini-clinic will help you understand your options and practice executing this critical shot more consistently.