We work hard to deliver really great clinics, lessons and camps. We strive to provide experiences that will make a real impact on people. But we know that we can always do better. That's why we provide our students with the chance to give us anonymous feedback. Here is some of what they said:

What distinguishes Mark from others is that while they may be ‘players’ who try to coach, Mark is clearly a teacher who can play.
Instructor was super! Training was fast paced and very enjoyable.
Thought the Q & A session would be boring, but it was so interesting and invaluable!
The drills were game specific and you gave us the logic behind what we were doing. It is really useful to know why we should do certain things. Good instruction without too much talking.
Very good demonstrations that were easy to understand.
I simply enjoyed the entire thing! Mark...you really know your “stuff.” You have a gift for teaching and you did a great job making us all feel like we were “stars.” Thank you!
Your enthusiasm for the game is infectious. Thanks!
I got so many benefits from this clinic and the whole day was enjoyable. I now have a game plan for how to improve. Thank you Mark!
You kept our whole group active and engaged.
Our instructor was able to view the students then incorporate weaknesses into the practice without anyone being singled out. The drills were as close to ‘gamelike’ as could be. Honesty and compassion were evident in the instruction.
I would love to do another clinic in very short order!
It was fun!
The instruction was specific to what I needed.
The follow up email and attached youtube clips was very useful as a reminder of the skills we learned and practiced.
Great Pace. Helpful Drills. Fun, upbeat tone and encouragement from Mark.
Your videos led to breakthrough drilling for us.


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